What's NEW in Skincare?

Is it possible to get excited about skincare?

After-all most of the time our daily skincare application is a routine that is rushed through whilst we multi-task, and we don't often take the time to register how the products that we regularly apply to our skin, feel.

Make space and set aside your normal products!

Because there is a new kid on the block and its called Water Drop Technology!

Yes, absorb this information, take it all in, because that is exactly what your skin will do when it comes in contact with WDT. Remember those old heavy face creams that would only sit on the surface of the skin, feeding only the dead skin cells, whilst the skin underneath was desperate for moisture. How times have changed.

WDT is extreme. If skincare were the earth, the old creams would be the land and WDT would be the North Pole, the furthest distance north, extremely refreshing, and very, very cool!

Water Drop Technology (WDT)

This new technology has been created in Korea, and is based on a formulation of water in oil, with an emulsion and finishing mat texture. It initially breaks through the skin forming fresh water droplets on the surface, which then penetrate and leave the skin feeling refreshed, and silky smooth.

Hyaluronic Drops 50ml

Not all WDT skincare is equal. Remember the saying "you may have it, but you don't know how to use it", well that can't be said for the chemists at Fusion. The Hyaluronic Drops Face Cream is an absolute joy to use, and a unique experience.

The technology has been incorporated into their relatively new cream Hyaluronic Drops, combined with Hyaluronic acid, and a unisex refreshing fragrance that is suitable for even sensitive skins. The result is a lovely light emulsion that absorbs quickly into the skin to replenish skin moisture, whilst nourishing the deeper layers, and all without being heavy on the surface. Overall applying this cream is an enjoyable experience, and not to be rushed. In fact super slow the application down and you can watch the water droplets form as the emulsion goes from a white colour to a clear water formation.

Apply to your hand to easily see the process it in action!

This time of year is an ideal time to discover Hyaluronic Drops!

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