Couperosis is a skin condition that can occur on all skin types and is related to problems of microcirculation. It is caused by weakened blood vessels in the face, usually the cheeks and nose.⁣

When we are exposed to heat, the cold, different emotions such as stress, along with a variety of stimulants (e.g. alcohol, coffee, spicy food), our skin responds by dilating the blood vessels in our face. This allows blood to flow through them and then closing when needed. However, if these vessels are weakened, they can struggle to close causing longer-lasting redness. This occurs due to the fact that there are multiple connections between the skin and the nervous system.⁣

Tobacco, digestive conditions, excessive exposure to solar radiation or the continual use of topical corticosteroids can also cause couperosis.⁣

Many of the Fusion Meso products are designed to decrease problems with circulation, as well as improve the suppleness of the skin and to provide microcapillary protection. Ingredients such as gingko biloba, phytic acid, artichoke and also some specific peptides and growth factors like VEGF are very effective at treating this condition.⁣

If you have couperosis we suggest that you contact your nearest Fusion Meso specialist who will most likely suggest that you use the PROBIOTIX cream & MESO SHIELD 50 at home and attend a course of treatments to relieve the symptoms and treat this common condition.⁣


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